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ProVent High Efficiency Cyclone Dust Collector

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Cyclone Dust Collectors

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Standard Features

  • Structural Steel Framing and Base Plates
  • Chemical & Corrosion Resistant Durethane DTM, Industrial Urethane Mastic Coatings
  • Welded and Flanged Assemblies
  • High-Efficiency Design
  • Keyless Bushings
  • Involute Inlet

Optional Features

  • Outdoor Exhaust Terminations
  • Motor Controls
  • After Filters
  • Sound Attenuators


  • Robotic or Hand Tool Finishing and Polishing Operations
  • Media Blasting
  • Mixing Operations
  • Combustible Metals
  • De-Burring
  • Woodworking
  • Mining
  • Classifying
  • Material Handling

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Tornado TXE Cyclone Dust Collector

The TORNADO TXE Series Cyclone operating principle is simple and effective method for removing process dust from an air stream.

Dust laden air enters the conical body of the cyclone tangentially at the top and creates a vortex pattern flowing helical pattern downward into the machine and then produces an inner vortex that exits the machine having removed the particulate from the process stream.

Centrifugal force causes heavier dust particles to move outward toward the cyclone wall. Friction and gravity then force the dust to fall into a receiver. Cleaned air spirals up the center of the cyclone and exits at the top of the unit.

Key Features

TORNADO™ Cyclones are unique because they incorporate additional, key design features into the standard cyclone operating method for higher efficiency.

  • High efficiency length-to-diameter ratio (Notice the Tornado’s, tall, elongated shape)
  • Rectangular inlet
  • Involute Inlet Configuration
  • Air-tight dust receiver


  • Efficiency up to 90% on particles 15-20 micron and larger (efficiency varies with dust type particle mass, shape and size) with the TXE
  • Efficiency up to 99% on particles 15-20 micron and larger (efficiency varies with dust type particle mass, shape and size) with the TXEF
  • No moving parts aside from fan
  • No internal filter media to maintain or replace
  • No internal filter media to burn or fuel an explosion
  • Consistent airflow & performance efficiency – not restricted by filter plugging
  • No sludge, water clean-up or disposal as with wet type dust collectors
  • No internal surfaces in low-flow or static air flow condition which can accumulate hazardous dust
  • 60%-80% cost savings when compared to media and wet type dust collectors

Tornado Efficiency rating by Model

ProVent Tornado TXE

Duel Cyclones increase efficiency to 99%

The Tornado TXEF adds a second high efficiency cyclone arranged in-series on a single platform. TXEF is capable of approximately 99% collection efficiency down to 15-20 micron particles. Tornado TXE and TXEF high efficiency cyclones are some of the most maintenance free dust collectors available. With no moving parts other than the motor and no filters to replace, they will provide years of low-maintenance, reliable service.

Tornado High Efficiency Involute Inlet Cyclone Dust Collector
The Involute Inlet

It is extremely important that the vortex that forms in the center of the cyclone and exits the exhaust is not contaminated by particulate entering the cyclone. The ProVent TORNADO TXE and TXEF prevents this by initiating centrifugal force in the inlet forcing particulate to the outside of the cyclone prior to entering the cyclone.

TORNADO Integral Fan Scroll fan exhaust
TORNADO Integral Fan Scroll showing fan exhaust
Powerful Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector
The tiny but mighty Tornado model TXE-32!
All ProVent equipment is proudly manufactured in the USA!
All ProVent equipment is proudly manufactured in the USA!