Dust Collection for Aerospace

Aerospace dust collection application

ProVent has served the aerospace market with our Uni-Wash Wet Type Dust Collectors for many years. The industry’s reliance on processing metals such as aluminum and titanium can create a dust explosion hazard that must be contained and rendered inert in a wet type dust collector (NFPA 484). ProVent has been the leading provider of these systems with our patented orifice / impingement scrub design. This design, combined with our attention to detail, quality of materials and workmanship has solidified our commitment to the aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry has also utilized our large selection of cartridge collectors, such as the 90,000 CFM booth pictured above. Additionally, ProVent manufactures many configurations and sizes of portable and ducted source capture collectors that can be utilized for a variety of processes.

Uni-Wash UC

Utilized in source capture ducted processes, the Uni-Wash UC ranges from 500 CFM to 30,000 CFM standard. Custom designs and several options are available for your specific process.

Uni-Wash UC Ducted Wet Dust Collector
Uni-Wash Wet Downdraft Bench for Aluminum Dust Uni-Wash DDB

Utilized for heavier items that require a bench for processing, the Uni-Wash DDB design allows for consistent high airflow at the deck. FPM (feet per minute) ranges from 450-650 at the deck standard. Higher FPM requirements can be accommodated.

With an efficiency of 95% down to 3 microns with only 3″ wg, the Uni-Wash DDB is one of the most efficient down draft bench on the market. Due to this efficiency, the Uni-Wash DDB requires no expensive return air duct-work. This creates consistency in airflow and protects the worker from very fine hazardous return airflow particulate.

Uni-Wash UEWC

The Uni-Wash UEWC booth is utilized for large items that would not normally fit on a bench and/or require the worker to have access around the item being worked on. With an assortment of booth sizes, ProVent can design a system with the airflow you require.

Wet dust collection for aluminum and titanium dust