Dust Collection for Food Processing

Utilizing Wet-Type dust collection for the food processing industry is relatively new. Cartridge collectors have been an industry standard for many years until recently. Uni-Wash UC Wet-Type Dust Collectors have increasingly been sold to companies looking for a way to cut costs and improve efficiency in food processing dust capture. Cartridge dust collectors require regular filter cartridge replacement and dust removal. The continued cost of filter replacement, down time during this process, and exposure to hazardous dust for the maintenance worker, together, can lead to significant costs.

The Uni-Wash UC offers significant advantages over cartridge dust collection. There are no filters to change since the machine utilizes water to capture particulate. The equipment utilizes a much smaller footprint allowing the equipment to be used inside increasing the longevity of the equipment. There will be virtually no exposure to dust as contaminated waste is simply drained away and the tank re-filled. This is a process that can be done in minutes instead of hours

A stainless steel option is available for all Uni-Wash products which is required by many processes within the food industry. If you feel that Wet-Type dust collection may be a solution for your food processing needs, please call us at 800-610-6010.

Stainless Steel Wet Dust Collector for Food Processing
2,000 CFM Stainless Steel Cartridge Dust Collector

Provent’s line of SideKick Portable Cartridge Collectors offered in heavy welded steel or stainless steel (shown on left) are often utilized in the food processing industry as well. Used as a source capture, the flexible extraction arm can be positioned precisely where it is needed to capture irritant dust and prevent it from lingering throughout the facility. The SideKick’s portability makes it an efficient and affordable solution that can be used at multiple work stations.

Shown on right is a Uni-Wash UC 40 Wet Dust Collector with a sludge conveyor and internal spray cleaning system. This machine is to be utilized in a bakery and is 100% stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Wet Dust Collector with Sludge Conveyor
Stainless Steel Ambient Dust Collector

The Zone Stainless Steel Ambient Dust Collector is perfect for polishing the air where dust is suspended throughout the facility. This collector is capable of cycling the air in a 3000 cf room every minute. This unit comes with a MERV 15 secondary filter which is typically found in hospitals.

Shown on right is a Uni-Wash UC 30 Wet Dust Collector installed.

Stainless Steel Wet Dust Collector