ProVent Portable Cartridge Dust Collectors (500 CFM – 1,000 CFM)

ProVent Sidekick Portable Dust Collector with reverse pulse filter cleaning

ProVent PSK
(50, 75, 100)

Portable Cartridge Dust Collectors

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Standard Features

  • Self-Contained and Portable
  • Models from 500 CFM – 2,000 CFM
  • All Welded Heavy Sheet Steel
  • Nested Fan and Compressed Air Manifold
  • Filter Racking System
  • Manual Reverse Pulse Controls for Self Cleaning of Filters

Optional Features

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Self Supporting Extraction Arm
  • Filter Media Material Variations
  • Stub Legs in Lieu of Casters
  • Timer With Automatic Pulse Controls


  • Welding Operations
  • Grinding and Sanding Operations
  • Mixing and Weighing
  • Glove Box Media Blasting
  • Food Processing

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SideKick Portable Cartridge Dust Collector

The SideKick PSK is a portable, self-cleaning, cartridge dust collector capable of filtering most shop contaminates including: welding smoke, cutting, brazing smoke and grinding dust.

This versatile industrial cartridge collector will exhaust clean air that meets Federal OSHA standards. It will also provides a fan pressure capable of producing the air volume necessary to maintain proper air filtration when used with extraction arms or as a stationary unit hard-piped to local stations.

The SideKick PSK is available in the following sizes:

500 CFM Portable Dust Collector
750 CFM Portable Dust Collector
1000 CFM Portable Dust Collector
1500 CFM Portable Dust Collector
2000 CFM Portable Dust Collector

The SideKick PSK features a large access panel that makes removing collected dust and filter changes a breeze. Additionally, the manual reverse pulse filter cleaning or optional automatic reverse pulse filter cleaning will maintain consistent airflow and efficiency.

Built to last, the SideKick PSK Industrial Cartridge Dust Collector will be on the job for years.

ProVent SideKick Portable Dust Collector With Extraction Arm

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SideKick model PSK-50 with optional SA Series 6

SideKick model PSK-50 with optional SA Series 6″ Exhaust Arm

SideKick 1,500 CFM Portable Dust Collector

ProVent SideKick Portable Dust Collectors

ProVent 1,500 CFM Reverse Pulse Filter Cleaning Dust Collector