ProVent Dust Collectors 800 CFM Floor or Wall Hung

800 CFM Wall Hung Dust Collector and Extraction Arm

ProVent BT 800

Portable Cartridge Dust Collectors

Brochure 800 CFM ProVent Dust Collector Brochure


Standard Features

  • 800 CFM at 6″ wg TSP
  • Push-Button Reverse Pulse Filter Cleaning
  • Polyamide Impeller for Smooth, Quite Operation
  • 260 SQ FT Single Cartridge Filter, 80/20 Cellulose – Polyester Blend
  • Minihelic Differential Pressure Filter Gauge
  • Removable Dust Tray
  • 1.5 HP, 110V/1 Phase, TEFC Motor
  • NEMA 1 Start/Stop/Reset Motor Controls

Optional Features

  • Flexible Arm 4″ Dia x 9 Ft
  • 24″ Leg Stand
  • 10 Gallon Collection Drum
  • Motor Cover With Flanged Exhaust
  • Sound Insulation
  • Caster Base
  • Automatic dP Pulsing Switch


  • Welding Operations
  • Grinding Operations
  • Cutting
  • Deburring

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SideKick Portable Cartridge Dust Collector

Introducing the NEW SIDEKICK BT Series Dust Collector from ProVent!

The SIDEKICK BT Series easily stands alone, or mounts to walls near work areas to capture and filter process dust and fumes directly at the source.

The SIDEKICK BT Series provides a robust ventilation solution for Individual work stations – providing 800 CFM at 6″ wg total pressure with filtration efficiency nearing 99% to 1/2 micron!

The SIDEKICK BT Series will keep workers safe and comfortable while ensuring a clean shop environment. Parts are cleaner. Work areas are cleaner. Workers are healthier!

The SIDEKICK BT Series is an excellent alternative to large cartridge systems that require fixed work stations and long, expensive duct runs.

Multiple SIDEKICK BT units can be used in place of larger, centralized machines which are expensive to run and when down, can mean all work stations have no ventilation!

Avoid the all-or-nothing trap! The SIDEKICK BT-Series provides a station-by-station ventilation solution!

Small, quiet, versatile, inexpensive, and easy to maintain, the SIDEKICK BT-Series sets the new standard for industrial process ventilation!

ProVent SideKick PSK 800 CFM Reverse Pulse Dust Collector

800 CFM Dust Collector with Extraction Arm

The BT-800 uses optional 4″ diameter flexible extraction arms for optimal versatility

BT 800 Wall Hung Reverse Pulse Filter Cleaning Dust Collector.

Here’s the 800 CFM BT-800 in a high angle, bottom-up configuration.