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Wet Type
Dust Collectors

Uni-Wash UC
Wet Type Dust Collectors

  • Metal Finishing
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Processes
  • Biomedical manufacturing
  • Shot Peening, Sand Blasting

    Standard Features
  • 500 CFM to 30,000 CFM
  • Integral High Efficiency Fan Assemblies
  • 100% Stainless Steel Scrub Components
  • Direct Connected C-Face Motor Assemblies
  • Non-plugging Scrub Design
Uni-Wash UC

Uni-Wash DDB
Wet Type Down Draft Bench

  • Combustible Metal Processing
  • Bagging Operations
  • Hot Processes

    Standard Features
  • 500 CFM to 15,000 CFM Standard
  • Integral Fan and Controls
  • Stainless Steel Scrub Chamber
  • Fresh Water and Drain Piping connections
  • Galvanized Mist eliminators
  • Float Type Mechanical Water Level Control
Uni-Wash DDB

Uni-Wash UEWC
Wet Type Dust Collection Booths

  • NFPA Standard #484 Grinding, Deburring and Sanding Operations.

    Standard Features
  • High Booth Velocities
  • Uni-Wash Stainless Scrub Components
  • Solid Welded Heavy Sheet Steel Construction
  • Integral Fans and Motors
  • 4,000 CFM to 15,000 CFM
  • NEMA and IEC Motor Controls
Uni-Wash UEWC

Wet Type Dust Collector

  • Dry/wet finishing
  • Deburring Operations
  • Media Blasting
  • Combustible Metal Finishing Operations
  • Bag Dump, Weighing, Food or Biodegradable macterial applications

    Standard Features
  • Super-Efficient, Multi-Stage, Water-Curtain Design
  • Powerful C-Face, Direct Drive Motor TEFC 230/460V/3Ph/60Hz
  • Scrub Action Lexan Viewing Window with Water Level Indicator
  • Laser Cut 10 Gauge, Solid Welded
    Cold Rolled Steel
  • INTERNAL TANK COATING: AmerLock-2 by Ameron, a 2-Part, Epoxy - provides exceptional corrosion protection in harsh industrial and marine corrosive environments. It is designed to protect bridges, tank exteriors, marine weathering structures, offshore, oil tanks, piping, roofs, water towers and others - including salt and chemical exposures
  • EXTERNAL COATING: Durethane DTM by PPG is a direct-to-metal urethane mastic coating ideal for use in demanding industrial applications. Chemically resistant and extremely durable, Durethane DTM is formulated to provide excellent corrosion resistance and has superior color and gloss retention, excellent adhesion, UV protection, and is abrasion and mar resistant
  • FAN ASSEMBLY: Injection Molded from high strength GRP Polymide, Corrosion-Proof, Super Quiet, Highly Efficient, Stronger than Steel with half the weight (*requires much lower HP for energy savings)
  • Washable, Long-Life Galvanized Mist Eliminator Fitlration Pack
  • Standard Flanged Inlets, 6", 7", 9", 10", or 12" diameter for easy field installation.
  • Tank Access Door with 40 degree slope for easy sludge clean-out
  • Fan Access Panel Door
  • NEMA 12 Start/Stop Controls
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