UNI-WASH UC Series Wet Dust Collectors – Ducted

Ducted Wet Dust Collectors

Uni-Wash UC
Wet Type Dust Collectors

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Specs Specifications


Standard Features

  • 500 CFM to 30,000 CFM
  • Integral High Efficiency Fan Assemblies
  • 100% Stainless Steel Scrub Components
  • Direct Connected C-Face Motor Assemblies
  • Non-plugging Scrub Design

Optional Features

  • NFPA Combustible Metals Standard 484 Compliance
  • Electronic Water Level Control
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Automatic Single and Dual Strand Sludge Conveyors (4000 CFM units and higher)
  • Frequency Drives and Soft Start Controllers


  • Metal Finishing
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Processes
  • Biomedical manufacturing
  • Shot Peening, Sand Blasting

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Wet type dust collection is required for the safe collection of combustible metal dust. Wet Type Dust Collection has also been used effectively in many other difficult applications in place of cartridge collectors.
ProVent’s unique scrub design has been an industry standard for over 40 years and continues to lead the industry in Wet Type Dust Collection efficiency.

ProVent’s line of Uni-Wash Wet Type Dust Collectors meets or exceeds NFPA #484 for combustible metals including:

  • Aluminum Dust Collection
  • Titanium Dust Collection
  • Magnesium Dust Collection
  • Zirconium Dust Collection
  • Tantalum Dust Collection
  • Niobium Dust Collection

ProVent’s line of UC Series Wet Type Dust Collectors are available in the following standard sizes:

  • 500 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 1000 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 2000 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 2500 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 3000 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 4000 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 5000 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 6000 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 7500 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 10,000 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 12,500 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 15,000 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 20,000 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 25,000 CFM Wet Dust Collector
  • 30,000 CFM Wet Dust Collector

Unique Scrub Design

Water is continuously agitated by the suction of the air through the machine. There are no nozzles, piping or water pumps to clean, repair or replace. The consumption of water is negligible. Only normal evaporation occurs and the water loss is replenished automatically. Collected sludge is easily removed from the sloping tank via the tank access doors, or through the use of an optional automatic sludge removal equipment.

The unique scrub design is completed in a five step process consisting of :

  1. Striking the turbulent water surface in the water tank section of the machine
  2. Passing through a vertical water curtain
  3. Scrubbed through a water cascade on cone walls.
  4. Passing through a horizontal water curtain
  5. Buffeted through the moisture separator section before the fan entry and exhaust out of the machine.

Beyond Combustible Metals

ProVent has provided the food industry and others with 304 Stainless Steel Wet Type Dust Collectors for the collection of a variety of airborne contaminates. If you think your application might benefit from the best designed, most efficient wet type dust collector on the market, please give us a call.

Uni-Wash Ducted Wet Dust Collectors

Optional Integral Automatic Sludge Conveyor is offered on UC-40 and larger.

The famous Uni-Wash scrub!

UNI-WASH model UC-40 with conveyor and internal spray down system
UNI-WASH model UC-40 w/ conveyor. 100% Stainless Steel and Internal Spray Down System

A Uni-Wash Model UC-20 on a Fladder Gyro Finishing Machine, shown with silencer package and custom paint
A Uni-Wash Model UC-20 on a Fladder Gyro Finishing Machine, shown with silencer package and custom paint

Uni-Wash 4-Point, Electronic Water Level Control
Uni-Wash 4-Point, Electronic Water Level Control

Uni-Wash Wet Scrubber Orifice Impingement Design

The UNI-WASH orifice impingement scrub design never clogs or drops off in airflow performance as do competing scrub designs!
UC-40 and UC-50 both with optional Lexan Window and Sludge Conveyor

UC-40 and UC-50 both with optional Lexan Window and Sludge Conveyor
Uni-Wash UC for the collection of Aluminum dust

UC-40, 4,000 CFM Wet Collector – on-line
Uni-Wash Wet Dust Collector for the collection of Titanium Dust

Uni-Wash Model UC-20, 2,000 CFM
Wet dust collector for the containment of combustible dust