Ambient Dust Collection

Ambient Dust Collectors can be utilized for many applications by themselves, or in conjunction with other types of dust collection. These simple machines can improve employee health, working conditions and productivity. Typically, these units cost under $2,000.
Health problems can occur from almost all airborne dust. Factors such as concentration of the dust, particulate size, and dust source can emphasize these risks. Symptoms relating to airborne dust include itchy or redness of the eyes, skin rashes, breathing problems and sinus irritation. The continued exposure to such working conditions can also lead to more serious problems like cancer.
Particulate size can play a large role in increasing health risks. Larger airborne dust can often get caught within the nostril or sinus chamber. The smaller particles may reach the gas-exchange region in the depths of the lungs, where removal mechanisms are less efficient and more dangerous.
Some airborne contaminates, depending on their source, can be more damaging than others. Below is a list of contaminates that need to be contained and removed from the air.

• mineral dusts from the extraction and processing of minerals (these often contain silica, which is particularly dangerous)
• metallic dusts, such as lead and cadmium and their compounds
• other chemical dusts, such as bulk chemicals and pesticides
• vegetable dusts, such as wood, flour, cotton and tea, and pollen
• molds and spores

Employee exposure to airborne dust hurts productivity. Nobody wants to return to work after stepping outside and getting some “fresh air” if their work environment smells, makes their eyes itchy, or nose runny. Often people will treat their symptoms with over-the-counter drugs, which can have their own health effects or make employees drowsy.
Good dust collection is a necessity in almost all facilities. Despite quality source capture control of dust, many facilities still contain airborne dust. Does your environment have a particular smell? Do you have any of the symptoms mentioned above when you enter your facility? If so, the use of one or more ambient dust collectors can be used to clean or “polish” the air.