NFPA 484
Standards for the Collection of Combustible Metals

This standard applies to the production, processing, finishing, handling, recycling, storage, and use of all metals and alloys that are in a form that is capable of combustion or explosion, as well as, operations where metal or metal alloys are subjected to processing or finishing operations that produce combustible powder or dust.

What must my wet dust collector do to be NFPA complaint?

  • Shut down the dust collector if low or high water is detected
  • Shut down the dust collector if airflow is restricted / unrestricted
  • Provide an interlock from the dust collector to the dust emitting equipment to shut down the dust emitting equipment if the dust collector shuts down
  • Provide an exhaust fan to eliminate the potential build up of hydrogen within the dust collector when not in use
  • Provide an audible and visual alarm on equipment shutdown.

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From NFPA 484 –  A.9.3.1

“Industry experience has clearly demonstrated that an eventual explosion can be expected where a bag- or media-type collector is used to collect combustible metal fines.  Seldom, if ever, can the source of ignition be positively identified. “