Environmental Work Cell

Each INTERCEPT EWC Series Enviro-Cell is a self-contained, modular cartridge dust collection system.  Sizes range from 4,000 – 16,000 CFM.  Designed to accommodate booth enclosures of various sizes, EWCs are used in singular or multiple-unit configurations to solve dust containment challenges for large-area applications where source capture is not practical.  The work area is continuously cleaned by MERV-15 cartridge filters with filtration capabilities of 99% efficiency down to .5 micron. Cleaned air is exhausted back into the plant environment.  Booth enclosures are custom designed to meet process requirements.  Each EWC features internal reverse pulse filter cleaning assemblies, with nested diaphragm valves and compressed air manifolds.  The torturous path aluminum louvered front inlet panels remove easily to access the filter chamber.  Dust is captured in the slide-out drawers below. 


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Dust Collection Made Easy!

Removable Aluminum Louvered Intake Panels for Easy Filter Changes

Dust Drawers with Access from Booth Side

Pulse Controls with Magnahelic gauge in NEMA 12 Cabinet

Vertically Mounted Filters Installed Via Dual-Rail “Single-Push” CAM-Locking Assemblies

NANO Web, Fire Retardant – MERV-15 Filters

Various Power Options Available Including 208, 230, 460, and 575 Volts

Intercept EWC Popular Options

Adding a silencer will decrease the noise emitted via the exhaust air 7-9 decibels 

Contain the noise emitting from the booth by adding sound quilts to the interior walls of the booth. 

A crane slot is available when heavy objects require the assistance of a crane to move into the booth space.

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Intercept EWC Specifications Back to Top

Intercept EWCEWC-4EWC-6EWC-8EWC-10EWC-12EWC-16
Air Flow4,0006,0008,00010,00012,00016,000
Static Pressure (in. Wg)333333
Dry Weight (lbs)1,8002,8003,0003,5003,8004,200
TEFC Motor, HP3510151525
Motor Full Load Amps4.87.614212127
Motor / Fan RPM175017501750175017501750
Primary Voltage460 Volt 3 Phase 60 Hertz
Fan Size182 BC, 100%200 BC 100%245 BC, 63%270 BC, 56%270 BC, 56%270 BC, 89%
Fan TypeAMCA Rated, Backward Curved, Single Width, Mild Steel
Housing Construction12,10 Gauge and 3/16", Solid Welded
Motor ControlsNEMA 12 Start / Stop with Overload Protection
Filter Media Square Foot10801,8002,7003,6003,6005,400
Filter Media / CartridgeNANO Web Fire Retardant - MERV 15
Filter Cartridge(6x) 26" L W/ 14 x 16" Top Flange(5x) 52" L W/ 14 x 16" Top Flange
(5) 26" L W/ 14 x 16" Top Flange
(5x) 52" L W/ 14 x 16" Top Flange(10x) 52" L W/ 14 x 16" Top Flange(10x) 52" L W/ 14 x 16" Top Flange(15x) 52" L W/ 14 x 16" Top Flange
Filter Cleaning(1) Digital Sequencer / Timer with Internal DP Switch for On-Demand and Off-Line Pulse Cleaning. Includes Digital DP gauge; (2x) 1" Diaphram Valves.
Compressed Air80-90 PSI Required Hook-Up; 1/2" NPT Coupling
Clean-Out Drawer Dim.(2x) 23" W x 30" D x 6" T(4x) 18" W x 30" D x 6" T(4x) 22" W x 39" D x 6" T(4x) 22" W x 39" D x 6" T(4x) 22" W x 39" D x 6" T(4x) 2" W x 55" D x 6" T
External CoatingDurethane DTM by PPG is a Direct-To-Metal Urethane Mastic Coating that is Chemically Resistant and Extremely Durable. It Provides Excellent Corrosion Resistance and has Superior Color and Gloss Retention, Excellent Adhesion, UV Protection, and is Abrasion Resistant.