ProVent is very concerned about the recent events regarding the outbreak of COVID-19.  We strongly encourage everyone to do their part in restricting the spread of the virus and support our brave and generous health care providers.

ProVent supplies dust collection equipment and filters to many different industries including but not limited to:

  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Food Processing Companies
  • Aerospace and Defense Companies

The health and safety of our team members has always been our highest priority.  In an abundance of caution, our production team was sent home for three weeks to protect themselves and their families.  Schedule adjustments have been made to minimize the effect on our delivery schedule.  Currently, we are at full production capacity.  The situation continues to be fluid and we will update this page as we are directed from local, state and federal agencies.


Your dust collection team at ProVent


The NPBI (ION) technology works to safely clean the air inside your building. The patented technology uses an electronic charge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of + and – ions that replicate those commonly found in nature. As these ions travel with the air stream they attach to particles, pathogens and gases/odors. As the ions attach to airborne particles (including fine, sub-micron particles) they are then attracted to each other, making the particulate more easily filterable and increasing capture efficiency. The ions kill pathogens by robbing them of life-sustaining hydrogen. The ions breakdown harmful gases/odors into harmless compounds like O2, CO2, N2, and H2O

Zone Industrial Air Cleaner
ION Generator
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