Tornado TXE series

Cyclone Dust Collector  500 – 26,000 CFM

The ProVent Tornado Cyclone dust collector is unique because it incorporates additional, key design features into the standard cyclone operating method for higher efficiency.

  • High efficiency length-to-diameter ratio (Notice the Tornado’s, tall, elongated shape)
  • Rectangular inlet
  • Involute Inlet Configuration
  • Air-tight dust receiver


  • Efficiency up to 90% on particles 15-20 micron and larger (efficiency varies with dust type particle mass, shape and size) with the TXE
  • Efficiency up to 99% on particles 15-20 micron and larger (efficiency varies with dust type particle mass, shape and size) with the TXEF
  • No moving parts aside from fan
  • No internal filter media to maintain or replace
  • No internal filter media to burn or fuel an explosion
  • Consistent airflow & performance efficiency – not restricted by filter plugging
  • No sludge, water clean-up or disposal as with wet type dust collectors
  • No internal surfaces in low-flow or static air flow condition which can accumulate hazardous dust
  • 60%-80% cost savings when compared to media and wet type dust collectors

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ProVent Tornado TXE Cyclone Dust Collector
ProVent Product Brochure
  • Structural Steel Framing and Base Plates
  • Chemical & Corrosion Resistant Durethane DTM, Industrial Urethane Mastic Coatings
  • Welded and Flanged Assemblies
  • High-Efficiency Design
  • Keyless Bushings
  • Involute Inlet
  • Accusizing Motor /Fan Assemblies
  • Various Power Options Available Including 575 Volts
  • Robotic or Hand Tool Finishing and Polishing Operations
  • Media Blasting
  • Mixing Operations
  • Combustible Metals
  • De-Burring
  • Woodworking
  • Mining
  • Classifying
  • Material Handling

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to cyclone dust collectors.  ProVent will provide you with the horsepower you need and a fan that meets the static pressure requirement of your application.  This allows the cyclone dust collector to operate at maximum efficiency.  This, along with the other efficiency techniques incorporated into the Tornado TXE makes our cyclone dust collector the most efficient available.

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    Popular Options

    Stainless Steel Dust Collector Option

    All ProVent equipment is available in painted or unpainted stainless steel.  Popular with the food processing industry, stainless steel provides cleanliness and longevity to the equipment.

    Vortex breaker increases the efficiency of the cyclone by slowing the the air stream at the bottom of the cyclone allowing for particulate to drop easier.

    Cyclone Vortex Breaker