Intercept PDB series

Downdraft Benches  1,100 – 7,000 CFM

ProVent’s line of downdraft benches are built to out perform and out last the competition.  Ventilated surface opening extends to within 1″ of all sides.

Ergonomically engineered to provide a comfortable environment for extended use.  The ProVent Intercept PDB provides plenty of leg room when sitting on a stool or standing with access to the optional foot rest.

ProVent manufactures wet downdraft tables for combustible metals.  Click here to find out more.

Call us today to find out more about how our down draft tables can create a healthy, comfortable and productive environment for your employees: 800-610-6010

Downdraft bench - Intercept PDB
  • AMCA Rated, Integral Direct Drive Fan Assemblies with Keyless Concentric Bushings
  • Heavy Duty 12 Gauge, Solid Welded Housing Construction
  • Fibergrate Fiberglass Work Deck
  • Auto-Reverse Pulse Filter Cleaning with Pressure Gauge & Time Delay in a NEMA 12 Enclosure
  • NANO Web STANDARD! MERV 15 – 95% Efficient down to .3 Micron
  • Durethane Direct-to-Metal Heavy Duty Finish Coating
  • Vertically Mounted Filters, Sealing Via Dual Rail “Single Push” CAM Locking Assembly
  • Various Power Options Available including 575 Volts
  • Metal Finishing
  • Deburring
  • Sanding
  • Grinding
  • Bagging
  • Weighing
  • Mixing
  • Polishing
ModelDeck Size
Depth X Width
PDB 243624" X 36"24" x 36"30911001 HP1750165, 51
PDB 244824" X 48"24" x 48"30615001.5 HP1750165, 67
PDB 246024" X 60"24" x 60"32120001.5 HP1750182, 51
PDB 247224" X 72"24" x 72"33025002 HP1750165F
PDB 248424" X 84"24" x 84"30927502 HP1750182, 68
PDB 249624" X 96"24" x 96"29330003 HP1750182, 74
PDB 2410824" X 108"24" x 108"30235003 HP1750182, 86
PDB 2412024" X 120"24" x 120"31040003 HP1750182F
PDB 2413224" X 132"24" x 132"30243005 HP1750182F
PDB 2414424" X 144"24" x 144"30547505 HP1750200, 79
PDB 363636" X 36"36" x 36"30016001.5 HP1750165, 72
PDB 364836" X 48"36" x 48"30022001.5 HP1750182, 56
PDB 366036" X 60"36" x 60"30028002 HP1750182, 69
PDB 367236" X 72"36" x 72"30034003 HP1750182, 84
PDB 368436" X 84"36" x 84"30040003 HP175018F
PDB 369636" X 96"36" x 96"30046005 HP1750200, 76
PDB 3610836" X 108"36" x 108"30052005 HP1750222, 66
PDB 3612036" X 120"36" x 120"30058005 HP1750200, 96
PDB 3613236" X 132"36" x 132"30064007.5 HP1750200F
PDB 3614436" X 144"36" x 144"30070007.5 HP1750222, 77
Intercept PDB 24" x 36" Downdraft Bench
Rubber Mat for Protection of Product
Intercept PDB 24" x 36" Downdraft Bench
Intercept PDB Control Panel with Auto Pulse Timer
CamLoc Filter Racking System - Makes Filter Changes Simple
Optional Spark Arrester

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Popular Options

Flush Mounted Lighting for downdraft benches

Flush mounted lighting, side panels, and ceiling panel are available in many sizes and configurations.  Crane slots can also be configured into the ceiling panel.

Dual sided benches are also available.  This option is a great way to save space!

Duel Sided Downdraft Benches
Exhaust air silencer

Silencers can be added to reduce the noise level produced by the exhausted air.

All ProVent equipment is available in painted or unpainted stainless steel.  Popular with the food processing industry, stainless steel provides cleanliness and longevity to the equipment.

Stainless Steel Dust Collector Option
downdraft bench deck options

A rubber mat can be added to protect product from scratching on the grated surface or protect the standard Fiber Grate surface.