Portable Dust Collectors

SideKick PSK series

ProVent’s line of Portable Dust Collectors are built for industrial use and will continue to perform for years. All welded steel frame construction and pulse filter cleaning is standard. The SideKick pulse dust collectors CFM performance allows for the cartridge dust collector to be used in a wide range of applications. All SideKick’s can be used with ProVent’s SideArm extraction arms or directly piped to the equipment. A variety of options available for ProVent’s line of portable dust cartridge dust collectors only furthers the amount of applications that the SideKick can manage.


  • SideKick PSK 500 CFM Dust Collector
  • SideKick PSK 750CFM Dust Collector
  • SideKick PSK 1000 CFM Dust Collector
  • SideKick PSK 1500CFM Dust Collector
  • SideKick PSK 2000 CFM Dust Collector


  • Models from 500 CFM – 2,000 CFM
  • Self-contained and Portable
  • All Welded Heavy Sheet Steel
  • Nested Fan and Compressed Air Manifold
  • 4” Locking Heavy Duty Casters
  • Manual Reverse Pulse Controls for Self-cleaning of Filters
  • Flanged Inlet(s)
  • Can Be Used With Flexible Extraction Arms or Hard Piped


All ProVent cartridge collectors come with an industry leading NANO Web Fire Retardant filter.  No other manufacturer provides the combined filtration rate and safety protections found in a ProVent cartridge collector.  NANO Web filters have many advantages over the industry standard 80/20 cellulose-poly blend filters.  NANO Web filters have a MERV 15 efficiency rating.   You can view the MERV rating chart here.  Additionally, Nano Web filters release particulate more efficiently when pulsed.  This allows the equipment to maintain advertised flow more consistently and at a lower pressure drop than other filters.