DuraBench VB series

Ventilated Work Benches

DuraBench Ventilated Work Benches may be utilized in conjunction with most major brands of properly sized dust collection systems to provide additional ventilated work areas for hand grinding, polishing,sanding, cutting or other hand-held shop operations.

Fiberglass work surfaces, leveling screws, duct connection ports, and a unique internal baffle assembly provide uniform surface velocities for worker protection.

Works with Intercept PV Cartridge Dust Collectors

Works with SideKick PSK Portable Dust Collectors

Works with Uni-Wash Wet Dust Collectors

Works with ProScrub Economy Wet Dust Collectors

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DuraBench - Ventilated Work Benchs
ProVent Product Brochure
  • Heavy Duty Sheet Steel Construction
  • Structural Legs
  • Fiberglass Grated Work Deck
  • Tapered Table Bottoms
  • Heavy Weight Capacities
  • Leveling Screws
  • Single or Multiple Discharge Duct Connection Ports
  • Uniform Surface Velocities with Uniquely Designed Internal Baffle Assembly
  • 3 FT – 10 FT Table Widths Standard
  • Welding Operations
  • Grinding and Sanding Operations
  • Mixing and Weighing
  • Food Processing
Deck SizeCFM Requirement
Based on 300 FPM at the Deck
24" x 36"1,440
24" x 48"1,920
24" x 60"2,400
24" x 72"2,880
24" x 84"3,360
24" x 96"3,840
24" x 108"4,320
24" x 120"4,800
24" x 132"5,280
24" x 144"5,760
36" x 36"2,160
36" x 48"2,880
36" x 60"3,600
36" x 72"4,320
36" x 84"5,040
36" x 96"5,760
36" x 108"6,480
36" x 120"7,200
36" x 132"7,920
36" x 144"8,640

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    Nordfab Ducting

    ProVent is a premier distributor for Nordfab ducting.  We can supply a QuickFit ductwork package with your dust collector.  Quick-Fit™ ducting systems clamp together. No rivets, screws or welding. This cuts your installation and down time by more than 45%, and it’s adaptable to your existing ductwork. Click here to learn more